the easy software solution for controlling and budgeting

all the advantages in overview

  • controllable access

    for more transparency and common goal settings in the company

  • new revenue potentials

    by targeted enforcement of the personal responsibility of the leading employees

  • cost reduction

    by high time savings and indivually adapted purchase

  • automated data exchange

    with interfaces to restaurant cash point, hotel software and accountancy software

  • innovative reporting tool

    with extensive reports for detailed and current cost and revenue control

  • flexible structure building

    for an individual creation of the cost structure adaptable for every company

What are the costs for the software?

The Software BudgetControl is for free and has been brought on the market by ESCAB.

Since every company needs an individual server, independet on the size of the company, the server costs are

one time € 99,- for the serverinstallation

monthly € 15,- for the serverhosting

All further Costs are dependent on the fact, whether you want to have support for the set up, or whether you Need some interfaces. There is no minimum contractual durance.

frequently asked questions to BudgetControl

What is the Advantage of BudgetControl in my company?

You will receive a centralised controlling- and reporting-tool. With the detailed data capture you will be able to work efficiently on the revenue increase and on the cost reduction. 

What is the software BudgetControl in Detail?

BudgetControl is a closed reporting-, budget- and controlling system. The Software BudgetControl allows a detailed survey over the current daily success on all company levels.

How is BudgetControl receiving the necessary data?

The data supply is done by the accountancy system, as well as by the restaurant cash or hotel computer system. The data input can be done manually or fully automated with interfaces.

Is my Company too small or too big for the Software BudgetControl?

No, the software BudgetControl is applicable for all company sizes, from small companies up to big chaine companies. The license costs are even depending on the size of each company.

What are the costs for the software BudgetControl?

BudgetControl is available beginning with € 99,- per month. Annual contracts or unlimited purchase is possible. But the price depends always on the uniqueness of your company. We will be pleased to provide your individual offer.

We are already arranged differently. Why should we change?

The software BudgetControl has been developed in the daily and operative business of the hospitality industry and is considering all the specifics, which characterise this industry. Flexibilty, transparency and control are ranked first.

Is my data save with BudgetControl?

The software BudgetControl can be installed in the own company, or, as recommended by us, on the saved and certified servers of ESCAB. Data security is of course our first priority.

How can I receive more information or receive an advisory call?

You can simply send a short email, when we may contact you and we will call you at the assigned time. As alternative you can reach us always during our announced office hours.

My company is successfull. Why Controlling?

The software BudgetControl reduces your reaction time for going against negative developments and for enforcing positive developments. All in all you will be able to plan longer in the future and more successful.

Escab BudgetControl Software
Escab BudgetControl Software
Escab BudgetControl Software